I'm Outer Space

Walk and talk at Henry Martins, a dealership in Leavenworth.

Production Resume

Production Resume

Just some shots of CO.

My video which was made in an attempt to appeal to the hiring staff at WIRED.com.

Here’s an example of a wedding intro I did.

Recreational video of our short trip to CO to visit Brian.  Just a side note, there’s a lot of beer paraphernalia through the video.  These really are a bunch of great guys and we had a great time, hopefully this will paint the moment for what it was, a vacation, not a permanent judgment on character.  I just had to say it cause there seriously is a beer in almost every shot.  We also took care of our trash.  I’m disclaimer’n it up.

My Current Reel.

Wanna Wrestle?  This was a spur of the moment shoot, it only took an hour.  Unfortunately we moved so fast we didn’t light anything.